With our wealth of experience sharpened by continuous development and mastery of the art and science of Poultry production, we have partnered with both government and private entities to set up and manage successful and profitable poultry business.




We provide technical advice and practical support on a range of poultry husbandry and production issues, including:

  • Enterprise feasibility analysis, design and establishment

  • Marketing options and considerations

  • Housing and infrastructure selection, design and procurement

  • Containment, fencing and predator control

  • Animal welfare

  • Design and implementation of standard operating procedures

  • ​Bird health, nutrition and feeding

  • Organic pest and disease management

  • Whole-farm planning

  • Waste management

  • Husbandry inspections

  • Post mortems, including collection of serological and histo-pathological samples for laboratory analysis

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Comprehensive report writing



Our Mission

Our Mission is to break the cycle of poverty among smallholder farmers who remain poor despite being in farming for decades. Helping farmer...
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